It’s now or never

I UNDERSTAND the concern expressed in last week’s Melville Times by Jemma Green about a proposed toll on heavy vehicles as a way of helping to pay for the planned construction of the long-delayed Roe 8, Taxpayers could carry the toll, May 27.

Most people, myself included, abhor toll roads in principle and practice.

We must, however consider where we are at.

It has been 14 years since I and many other people started campaigning for the Fremantle Eastern Bypass (FEB) and a complete Roe Highway to link up with it, which would have provided a continuous and direct link with the Port of Fremantle.

The FEB is unfortunately as dead as the proverbial dodo, but an extension of the present Roe Highway over the planned route of Roe 8 to Stock Road and widening of upper Stock Road, Leach Highway, High Street and Stirling Highway will still considerably ease the traffic on Leach Highway and South Street and make a significant improvement to the air quality on these roads.

An equally important aspect of the plan will be the greatly improved access to Fiona Stanley Hospital and the expanded St John of God Hospital.

South Street is already congested, but it will be far worse without Roe 8.

It is extremely unlikely that the state Liberal government will be returned to government at the next election, and Labor has vowed to delete Roe 8 from the plans.

Therefore, it is ‘now or never’ for this road, warts and all.