Kite surfers praised

I am not against kite surfers but would be against barring them because, like many other residents in our street, I get a lot of pleasure from watching them and wish I were young enough to join them.

I can understand the frustration of a few residents who live opposite the take-off area.

Throughout the year we constantly have windsurfers’ cars parked in front of our home and we have never seen any bad behaviour from these people. In fact, I praise them and notice no rubbish on the foreshore when they leave.

It is not cheap to get into this sport and judging by their cars the surfers are not poor people.

I have lived in Melville Beach Road for more than 40 years and pinch myself every day and think how lucky I am to be able to look out most days and see someone enjoying themselves.

However, I would support the take-off area, particularly for learners, should be between Conon Road and Collier Street where the large trees line the river bank and would protect the residents as well as the road. For the record, this is in front of our home.