Land Question for City of Melville

MAYOR Russell Aubrey and Cr Clive Robartson must be kidding. Both have started that the City of Melville has recently bought $16 million worth of land for public open space.

My inquiries carried out more than two years ago revealed that the land in question was a small block in Harris Road, Bicton, a small block in Mt Pleasant, the present Melville Primary School site and the Carawatha Primary School on North Lake Road.

The two small blocks are insignificant. The Melville school site had three playing fields when it was rezoned for the new school.

The three fields have been reduced to two and it is no longer public.

The Carawatha site was closed before Mayor Aubrey was elected to his position.

It was totally designated for housing until the “mythical serpent” was discovered in its midst.

There is building progressing there today, so there is no public open space.

This is the same council that instead of increasing open space and sporting areas wants to use Melville and Mt Pleasant bowling clubs, Beasley Park Oval, a third of the Melville Glad Golf Club course and Banksia Park School ovals for housing developments.