Land unaffordable

As concerned citizens, our committee took it upon ourselves to investigate why housing was so unaffordable.

It was not long before we realised it was not the house that was unaffordable, but the land.

Research from the Grattan Institute shows that there are more than 25,000 vacant residential lots in the Perth metropolitan area that are not for sale.

If the State Government had a policy stating all owners of vacant land must build within three years, then land would become affordable and therefore housing would become affordable.

The housing shortage in WA caused by speculation in land is not only hurting young families but it is also hurting business.

If a family lived on each vacant lot, businesses would earn millions in extra revenue each year.

People for Affordable Land are particularly concerned about the monopoly private developers have taken over the development of the 30,000 vacant residential lots north of Butler.

We fear private developers now have full control of the supply of land to the public and blocks will only be drip-fed to the public over decades to maximise prices.

Consequently, that land is ripe for speculators, mineworkers, overseas investors and super funds.

The only way land can stay affordable for all Australians is to put a caveat on each title stating that owners must build within three years of purchase.

Every Australian has a right to own part of this land.