Law and order, Brother Murray style

MY memory of being one of the 76 children who comprised Brother Murray’s Year 6 class at CBHS Highgate in 1956 made me count the children’s heads in the cartoon published in the August 27 edition.

And how were things in that classroom back then?

Well firstly, Brother Murray stood on a long wooden playground stool that he’d placed up against the blackboard.

That way he could see all the way to the last row of children at the back of the classroom ” and hit them with the bits of chalk he threw at them for talking while he was writing on the blackboard.

As for law and order, disruption was not a word in our collective vocabulary, whereas the phrase “six-of-the best” in full colour and movement is still fresh in the memory chip today.

Finally, what ever happened to those children? Maybe some of them who are reading this might like to put their thoughts on paper to the newspaper.

Paul Clune, Roleystone