Learn to share

I do wonder if Mr Durant knows the difference between a shared path (WA Road Traffic Regulations 2000) and a footpath.

I don’t often see cyclists on footpaths, but I do see them a lot on shared paths and I do accept some cyclists behave badly, as do some pedestrians and a lot of motorists.

I would also like to point out that research shows about 80 per cent of crashes involving cyclists are the fault of motorists; 140 pedestrians were killed in the past 12 months ” none by cyclists, to my knowledge ” and that our WA road toll in 2013 was 164 people killed.

Maybe Mr Durant needs to review the focus of his angst.

I would hope that instead of blaming each other, we instead learn to share the paths and roads with consideration; we learn to value human life.

Oh, as a cyclist, as a pedestrian and as a motorist I don’t “own paths” (or roads) and Mr Durant, neither do you.