Lorraine sought

A young woman called Lorraine came to my rescue at about 8.30 in the morning of on June 4 in Angove Lane, Bicton.

Lorraine was running along the lane when our little toy poodle, Poppy, was attacked by a large bull-mastiff cross while we were on our walk.

Lorraine bravely didn’t hesitate to help me as I tried to save my dog. The big dog leapt upon Poppy, sinking its teeth into her chest, then seizing her by the neck and shaking her violently in the air.

Lorraine tackled the dog. It had no collar, so was not easy to contain, but she managed to manhandle this big dog into the nearest front yard that had a fence.

She then ran to the next property to phone the ranger.

I have not been able to let Lorraine know how grateful I was to have her there. It was an extremely frightening and distressing incident and Lorraine was a terrific citizen and neighbour.

Sadly, Poppy did not recover from severe spinal injuries.

Unfortunately, it seems that Lorraine’s call to the ranger was not logged, so Lorraine if you see this letter, or anyone else knows Lorraine, please can you contact us via the Times, or contact the head ranger at Melville City Council. Do please call.