Many suffer

However, as a chronic Lyme sufferer I feel so frustrated and angry by the continual reluctance and ignorance by the Health Department to accept that there are growing numbers of sufferers in WA and the rest of the country.

The disease is constantly played down by the department and people are told to talk to their doctor who will more than likely diagnose them with something ‘much more likely to occur in Australia’.

In fact, there are many people such as Rebecca Vary and myself and very probably, a huge number of others who are, at this very moment, in pain without knowing the reason why or who have been wrongly diagnosed with conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

I hadn’t been overseas for years when I contracted Lyme. Neither had I been to bush areas outside Perth.

I worked in the city, played golf and liked gardening. I don’t remember having a tick bite and I didn’t have a rash, so how does the Health Department explain away my case.

When none of the health professionals here can diagnose what we have, what are we supposed to do?