Many to benefit

I WAS disappointed to read (Times, August 26) the attitudes of Nicola and Leon Brown and neighbours in relation to road works undertaken by the City of Melville on Macrae Road, Applecross.

First, the verge is not private property. It is part of the road reserve, which is Crown land in the care and control of the local government.

Second, the ‘Black Spot’ project was necessary owing to the death of a motorist or cyclist at this intersection. The road works may cause personal inconvenience to a few, but will benefit the wider community.

Third, the City of Melville employs appropriately qualified and experienced traffic engineers to work on projects such as this.

I find it bizarre that Mrs Brown has suggested that the engineered solution will not work.

Local governments play a very important role in our community, and deserve proper recognition for all the great work that they do.

D. MATTHEWS, Palmyra