Mayor should know better

THE mayor should know the difference between fury and outright concern (Mayor’s fury at seniors slur, Times, September 16).

In addition, if you believe in something strongly enough, you will defend it.

Like the majority of people in all shires, this so-called amalgamation is not what ratepayers want.

The only people who want this are Russell Aubrey and the Barnett Government.

Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre was also mentioned in the report. I am a long-serving member of this second-to-none club.

The members of this club are rightfully apprehensive about being taken over by Melville. Canning Council has a proud record in this club.

In previous letters to the Times, I have compared Herald Avenue with Southern Districts, Stock Road and Canning Bridge seniors clubs

The members of these clubs deserve much more.

Just in passing, I mention that the voters in Riverton put Dr Nahan into Parliament. We know where he stands on this issue: not with the people who elected him.

To conclude, Russell Aubrey seems to think everyone is out of step but him.

Best of luck to the ratepayers of Canning, and continue your just campaign.