Minister told: local government elections

AFTER reading the report in last week’s edition headlined “Simpson disappointed by turnout”, I thought I would give Local Government Minister Tony Simpson my “take” on the reason for the lack of people bothering to vote.

If he looked at the quality of the candidates that we have the choice to help elect, then it might give him a clue.

For a start, you only see them around election time when they are trying to “cajole” you into voting for them. The rest of the time, they are usually busy bickering among themselves about issues that are of no real priority and avoiding the important ones.

Then there are the myriad “official functions” they must attend to network and generally try to “push their own barrow”.

Maybe if they put in a consistent performance throughout their term in office and kept their constituents in the loop, then they might find a bigger turnout on election day.

I did vote this time, but mainly just to clear the paperwork off my bench.

Of course, there is the option of making voting compulsory. However, if that was implemented I can envisage a large number of informal votes going into the collection bins.