No law broken

First, he is mistaken in calling them illegal: they have broken no law by seeking protection without first getting permission (authorisation) to do so.

In addition, we should not discriminate against people because they pay to escape from persecution. Imagine allowing only impoverished Jews out of Nazi Germany in World War II ” it is unthinkable.

In any case, the implication that only rich people can afford to catch boats to seek asylum is inaccurate. For many asylum seekers, the situation is so bad that their families sell everything to get the person at risk out of the country. Moreover, many asylum seekers are still paying off their debt.

As to asylum seekers being a ‘burden on the public purse’ as Mr Dunn puts it, there is an answer to this. Stop offshore processing, allow asylum seekers into the community while their claims are processed and allow them to work. Do not send them to countries such as PNG and Nauru.

Dealing humanely with the small number of asylum seekers we receive is better for the asylum seekers and ultimately Australia as a whole.