Not a done deal

THE process for determining revised council boundaries allowed Melville to make an initial submission in January 2011. At that time, it received little feedback from the ratepayers.

In March 2014, a further submission was made that received a response from the review board outlining proposed changes including moving Bicton and Palmyra to Fremantle council.

Unfortunately, many residents appear to think this is a done deal but I wish to urge them this is not the case.

I strongly recommend that those who wish to stay with Melville but who did not complete and return the recently delivered Submission Form by last Thursday, contact MP Dean Nalder. He, together with Mayor Russell Aubrey can continue to make our wishes known to the Boundary Advisory Board right up to August 31.

It is not a done deal and as far as I am aware, we still live in a democracy and need our opinions to be taken fully into account.

The process to date appears to be devoid of any consideration of the wishes of the residents who will be affected by decisions made by seemingly remote management and consultants who are focused purely on rate income, population size and ease of drawing boundary lines e.g. along Stock Road.

As a concerned ratepayer, I have yet to be advised of the likely impact or more importantly of any benefits that may accrue to Bicton and Palmyra residents by a move to Fremantle.