Not a new issue

WE attended the recent special electors� meeting at the City of Melville regarding Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link (PFL) and its effects on residents.

We were impressed with the information provided by the City and Main Roads.

This is not a new issue.

In 2002, the Metropolitan Freight Network Review was established to consider alternative freight routes based on the deletion of the Fremantle Eastern Bypass from the Metropolitan Regional Scheme.

It was considered that the most acceptable alternative freight route to replace it was to upgrade Leach Highway, Stock Road and High Street.

We joined the Save Our Suburbs community group and, together with the City, worked to inform and make the Melville community aware through rallies and public meetings of the Government�s proposal and the negative effects to our community.

Despite our efforts and more than 9000 Melville residents signing a petition requesting the Labor Government to not delete the bypass until a suitable alternative solution was established, the government made the short-sighted decision based on an election promise and not on good planning principles to delete the bypass.

This has now resulted in the possible demolition of some homes in Palmyra. These residents should be directing their frustration and anger to the then Labor government for its decision, which has resulted in this possibly occurring.

The truth of this issue is that a dedicated PFL is now required to remove heavy freight vehicles from Leach Highway and to some extent South Street, which have by default become freight routes to Fremantle Port and affecting thousands of residents and many schools, nursing homes and businesses situated along and near these roads in Melville.

A dedicated PFL will improve road safety for all road users, reduce traffic congestion, result in fewer freight vehicles on our roads and provide a freer-flowing route for freight vehicles, which will improve their travel time and productivity.


CUTTONE, Mt Pleasant.