Numbers Game: Roe 8

WA has its own version of The Three Stooges when we hear what comes out of Melville Mayor Aubrey, Councillor Steve Portelli and Mike Nahan on their claims regarding the Roe proposal.

Shifting traffic does not result in fewer vehicles on our roads.

Nor does the claim of 80,000 daily traffic movements being taken away from residential streets.

When people cannot gain access to Stock Road or cross over Roe 8, the only alternative is to use side streets, thus increasing congestion, noise and fumes into them.

Heavy vehicles operators have already indicated to me that they will divert away from Roe 8 to avoid the toll and still use Leach Highway anyway, when suitable.

Why and how can any State or local government representative expect people to pay a toll when the second half of the proposed route to their final destination is not finalised and will not even get them to where they want to go.

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.