Opinion: Have means test for health insurance

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HEALTH insurance, like all other household expenses, is getting more expensive.

If every person who could afford health insurance paid into a health fund, the cost could be less.

Unfortunately there are probably a lot of well off people able to pay but choose to use the public health system, waiting up to two years for a knee or hip replacement.

A means test would be one way, so those able to pay do not bludge on the public health system.

Instead of giving a rebate to young people to join a health fund, wouldn’t it be better to give it to the loyal members who have been in a health fund most of their life?

I have been a member of a health fund for 70 years. Over the years I have been unemployed and sometimes it was hard to find the money. But I have always believed that health insurance was more important than insuring the car.

Health is better than wealth, but a little wealth can help your health.