Opinion: It’s just not cricket

Talk about a bad call
Talk about a bad call

I find it amazing that ratepayers have now turned their focus to banning cricketers from playing at Bert Jeffrey Park.

This park is public space, the club is self-funding and has cricketers ready and waiting.

For residents and ratepayers to oppose this on the grounds of noise is unbelievable. Even more amazing is the astounding counter suggestion of using the wave park site for cricket instead – so all the environmental issues and arguments about keeping this area as a wildlife sanctuary have disappeared to support their no fun, anti-community agenda.

Are these people serious?

I would suggest that residents stay indoors, hide away from any community activity or they could choose, in the interests of health, community and participation, to turn up and cheer the teams on and be supportive of community endeavours.

Anything else, well it’s just not cricket.