Opinion: Melville Council only paying service to environment

Yes please to more trees
Yes please to more trees

IN the Melville Council’s March issue of the Mosaic, the headline is: “The Future Continues to Look Green in Melville”.

This is nothing more than paying lip service to this important issue.

The council is planning to close down two community bowls centers and promote a wave park in Tompkins Park.

The community is outraged at the loss of public open space and trees to make way for the wave park and the proposed expansion at the Tompkins sports hub.

The article states: “The process will seek ways to address the challenges of managing the continuing large scale loss of mature backyard trees from our urban forest”.

Surely the answer is obvious – stop the incessant strata titling and subdivision into ever-smaller blocks just for commercial gains.

Street trees under power lines have to be severely pruned.

Accelerating the installation of underground power lines would prevent the need for this practice.

Deciduous trees that let the sun in during winter and give shade during the summer should be fostered where ever possible.

Can we create an urban forest like environment similar to one enjoyed say in Dalkeith?

Yes we can, if we are serious about it.


Alfred Cove.