Opinion: Melville Council pulling wool over residents’ eyes

YET again Applecross residents are having the wool pulled over their eyes by the Melville City Council’s so-called “consultation process” in deciding on a proposal to develop the Canning Bridge precinct into a high-rise ghetto.

The initial rezoning plan – released about six years ago – talked about the development of residential/commercial towers up to 20 storeys.

But, surprise surprise, the Council recently informed residents the plan before them actually includes towers up to 30 storeys. What’s more, they are allowing only a few weeks for locals to submit their views.

Exactly the same strategy was used to fast-track the Raffles Tower project after the community was informed for months that the building would be 15 storeys -and at the 11th hour jacked it up to 17.

So much for the “consultation process “ and a petition with thousands of signatures opposing the height of the tower.

As Blind Freddie predicted, the Raffles development has resulted in major traffic congestion at the Kintail Road/Canning Bridge Road/Canning Highway intersection – forming a kamikaze-type bottleneck.

Perhaps this time council planners may have the courtesy to explain how the inclusion of up to 3000 thousand new residents in the proposed Canning Bridge precinct development will be handled to avoid further traffic chaos?