Opinion: ‘No Parking’ sign needed at busy Gilbertson Road business

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There is a business located on the corner of the very busy intersection of Gilbertson Road and South Street.

Clients of this business park their cars out the front on the footpath leaving people with children in prams and elderly on gophers – of which there are a couple in this area and one being a relation – to have to go down the kerb and onto the road at this corner.

I have approached the business owners asking them to stop this practice from their clients to no avail and contacted the City of Melville.

The council said there is nothing they can do until they are rung at the actual time a car is there and to then ring them and they will send a ranger out.

In other words, everybody in this situation and in the event they have a mobile on them they have to ring the council and wait in the elements for a ranger to come out and ask the owner to move the car.

I would have thought a sign would be more appropriate advising ‘No Parking’ and a word to the business owners regarding their clients arrogant behaviour.