Opinion: On-street parking presents hazard

On-street parking is a hazard.
On-street parking is a hazard.


I AM seriously concerned with the City’s car parking strategy, which states: “It may not be possible to provide on-street parking in every context, but where possible on-street parking should be prioritised.”

On-street parking, whether on the verge or otherwise, presents a “variable hazard”.

It obstructs sight lines and is not as safe as a road otherwise devoid of on-street parking. That the City uses such a strategy is a travesty.

They say that on-street parking slows traffic and provides a solid barrier between pedestrians and passing traffic.

In fact, cars are slowed due to the hazard along the roadside, where pedestrians, particularly children, are obscured from view and reaction times are minimised. In such a situation, even a low speed accident can be fatal. ‘Car-dooring’ of cyclists is all too common.

If cars are parked on the street, more development apartments can be built on a site. It appears that the decision makers are overly driven to maximise development for, perhaps, the following reasons:

n Maximised development maximises rate return.

n Rivalry and competition between local governments for available development work.

n Salaries and Allowances Tribunal for local government CEOs and elected members determines remuneration salary bands annually from a broad range of data examined for local governments. Topping their list of considerations is “major growth and development”.

The strategy was approved unanimously by councillors on June 17, 2014, with 10 in favour and none against. This is outrageous.