Opinion: Pennant players should be ashamed

Leave our bowling club alone please
Leave our bowling club alone please

Shame on you pennant players, with not a care for the social players or seniors.

Remember you will not always be a pennant player. Is this how you want to be treated?

We already have a thriving bowls club, which provides social amenities for many other clubs, wonderful facilities for special venues and a senior retreat for friends and family.

Not content with robbing us of our meeting place the City of Melville intends to use our rates money.

Do we not have a say in what it is spent on?

You are supposed to be a Council that cares for seniors and the greenery.

Is that why you plan to remove some of the greens and our wonderful established trees?

The area has more than doubled in housing over the passed 28 years.

Many more children need the greens for their sport. No extra greenery given.

I have the answer to all the problems, and you can save $9 million.

Stop threatening us, put a little bit of work into the club house and provide an artificial green.

Leave our park alone. If a thing is not broken you don’t mend it.