Opinion: Please leave Melville Bowls community centre alone

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IT IS quite possible that the government agencies (for ecological and sociological reasons) won’t allow the Wave Park commercial project to go ahead.

It is also possible that the Melville Bowls Club will approve the merger with M. Pleasant Bowls Club.

What then? Is the City of Melville still going to go ahead and relocate the merged clubs to Tompkins Sports Hub.

And expend $2.5 million of rate payers money to do this when the merger will completely negate the core point of the Strategic Bowls Plan, which was that pennant bowls numbers are declining.

Now we will have a club with a big increase in pennant and social bowls numbers,

It will also become a much bigger hub for passive recreation and for community needs.

Where is the justification to expend this money and jam two passive recreation, and age-friendly community centres into an youth oriented sports hub and venue?

Should the Wave Park project be rejected by government, Councillors please reconsider and go for a win/win for all concerned,

Leave the Melville Bowls recreation and community centre where it is.


Alfred Cove