Opinion: Roe 8 smelling of politics

If only Roe 8 had been built
If only Roe 8 had been built

IF only we had proceeded with Roe 8.

We could have filled in North Lake and stopped the problems of bad smells in “Kardinya, Winthrop, Melville and even Mt Pleasant” and at the same time solved the City of Cockburn’s problem of “large amounts of non-native grasses within and surrounding the lake” (“Residents on the track of bad smell”, Melville Times, September 5).

All of the water entering  North Lake could have been diverted  south to the other lakes and reduced evaporation would have maintained their levels during the summer.

It would have reduced the mosquito population in the area and the risk to the locals of Ross River virus too.

And none of that mentions the reduction of traffic problems or the shortsightedness and politicisation of it all.