Opinion: Time for council to listen to people who elected them

IS IT not time that the Mayor and many of the councillors listened to the people that elected them in and also live local?

We understand the effect the wave park it will have on our already very busy highway. It will cause more accidents.

The years that have been put into our wonderful marine life, birds and fish and the many beautiful plants that blesses us walkers, cyclists and runners.

Bowling is not dying off. It is very much alive but is being murdered off by land-greedy councils.

What an insult to the hundreds who use the bowling club each week, who elected you when you stated the bowling club would remain.

The needless spending of our rates money for something we already have.

The noise of other sports surrounding a quiet game of bowls and the sharing of the social club is senseless.

Let us keep our own social club and the many bookings we get.

An A class reserve will be ripped up and have a concrete high wall round it for something that will turn out to be a white elephant as it is so near the coast.

Experienced surfers will not use it and the cost would soon put people off.

There are many reasons why this is not a workable situation and any good business person would know this.

I wonder is there another agenda for this land?