Opinion: Underground power worth the cost

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MY home in Applecross has been on underground power for over 20 years.

I was pleased to contribute to the cost and have not had a power failure in that time.

I cannot remember how much it cost me, but be assured, the cost outweighs having blackouts.

For the residents of any suburb who now have the opportunity to have their power put underground, I say grab it with both hands.

I have a saying: the cost is soon forgotten but a good job is always there.

The cost, I believe, is $4450 per household and is reasonable; pensioners pay half, if paid the same year.

I am sure that if a resident is unable to pay, the scheme would still go ahead. The money could be taken out of their estate when the resident passes on, or when the property is sold.

No more white ant eaten or leaning street poles.