Opinion: Wave Park false impression

A false impression
A false impression

I refer to the artist’s impression that accompanies the article ‘Wave Park Review released’ in your January 9 edition.

I do not know who the artist is, or where he/she got his/her ideas from for his/her “impression of the proposed Urbnsurf wave park in Alfred Cove”.

This depiction of the proposed development is greatly exaggerated. There will be no long, white, pristine beach, stretching to the horizon.

As for the many sun-bakers – who is going to pay big money to sunbake in a noisy little strip of artificial beach, with loud speakers hailing people from the water (times up!), and right beside a very busy highway? There is nothing relaxing about that.

The only indication of reality in this picture is the extensive row of shopping and other buildings shown in the picture. Urbnsurf it seems is set upon the commercial development of what is now utilised as open playing fields, a very well used community and bowls centre and river front open space.

Why is this constant false impression presented to the public?

Yours Sincerely.

Carline Kelers – Alfred Cove.