Opinion: Wave park gets personal

PETER Neesham suggests in his letter (‘Great plan, wrong location’, Melville Times, August 22) that surf park supporters have “made personal attacks on those opposed to it rather than argue their case”.

Where is any evidence of this?

I have attended several council meetings on this subject and was appalled by the behaviour of the anti-group members, including the ejection of the convenor of the Alfred Cove Action Group, David Maynier, for disrupting proceedings.

On most occasions, I observed booing, jeering and downright aggressive behaviour from the anti-group.

One surf park supporter and local resident was threatened by an anti-group member to “take it outside”; and this coming from a former councillor no less.

He went on to say, “it is easy enough to support something where you may obtain a benefit without having to deal with the consequences”.

So just because a small group of locals don’t like the location, the overwhelming majority of the community misses out?

This only confirms the anti-group’s ‘nimby’ stance, and clearly shows we are all being dictated to by the minority.