Overseas studies a waste of money

The present waste of money is a trip to Holland to study bicycle transport. If you have visited Holland, as I have, you will find that it has been the Dutch’s life and culture ever since the bike was invented.

WA has a different climate to overseas countries that the so-called experts are looking at. Not every Aussie wants to ride a bike to work in the rain, or on a hot summer’s day.

In the 1940s and 1950s, we had no option but to ride our bike to work, or catch public transport because we couldn’t afford a car.

It is time we looked at ourselves and not elsewhere; use the resources and local knowledge we have here.

Make more use of our river, improve the feeder bus service to our trains, buy double-decker train carriages and increase the length of the train platforms.

Moreover, public transport should be more affordable.

For my money, it would be better to encourage the use of public transport and lose money than pour more money into roads and overseas trips.