Pigs suffer. Opinion

SINCE the publishing of the World Health Organization report, there have been many articles and letters written by people maintaining they won’t stop eating bacon (Bacon stays on breakfast plate, Melville Times, November 3).

However, what about the cost to the pig of this food choice?

Sadly, we have been conditioned to regarding the lives of farmed animals as unimportant but the fact is, they have feelings just like us and they suffer just like us.

Is it fair to condemn intelligent, sensitive animals to agony just so we can enjoy the taste of their flesh?

Please open your eyes – and your hearts. The fear of cancer is not the only reason to eliminate bacon from our diets.



IN response to Krista Price’s letter in last week’s edition, the huge Somerville pine plantation covered many of the southern suburbs, and the black cockatoos loved the pine nuts, and were plentiful.

Very little is now left of this plantation, so most of the cockatoos have flown away.

Roe 8 is planned to follow the existing powerline and this area has already been cleared.

Ms Price must have missed the following news report that congestion is costing Perth businesses big money with many employees spending too much time out on the road caught up in traffic on Perth’s choked up roads.

The congestion could cost the State $16 billion a year in lost productivity by 2031.

I rest my case.