Plan opposed

I READ with interest the article in Melville Times August 27 issue ‘Properties take pressure off rates’.

What was not mentioned is the proposal by the council to redevelop part of Melville Glades Golf Club land by moving the configuration of the golf course and thus creating space for more than 450 homes.

Residents living along Bainton and Beasley roads in Leeming will be directly affected. Loss of vista, increased traffic and a reduction in public open space are but a few of the reasons why local residents are against such a proposal.

In addition, 16 hectares of a known roosting and foraging area for the endangered red-tailed and Carnaby’s cockatoos will be destroyed in the process.

Another newspaper article last week mentioned that the Melville City Council asset sell-off would be used to ‘offset future rate rises’. Add the nice little earner that the golf course proposal will be for the council and we ratepayers can all look forward to zero increase in rates for many years to come; it almost sounds too good to be true.

The existing precinct encompassing the golf course should be left as it is for the enjoyment of the whole community.

Concerned residents can contact the council, find out exactly what is being proposed, and leave a concise message ” hands off.

Peter Dennis, Leeming