Plea to Premier

I HAVE sent this letter to the Premier in the hope that he will heed my letter and the many others he will receive during the next few weeks about the Perth Freight Link project.

�I am appealing to you as an intelligent man living in a community that, with many others, will be very adversely affected by the Perth Freight Link.

�I understand that three builders have already been invited to tender for this monstrosity. I also understand that the actual route has not yet been decided on.

�If it goes ahead, the long-term disruption to citizens living in the affected suburbs will be monumental, not to mention the ongoing discomfort and health issues from noise and air pollution to those citizens after its completion.

�Mr Barnett, there are some excellent, viable alternatives to building this highway to �nowhere�.

�So, with a serious rethink, you and your Government can avoid throwing these suburbs into chaos.

�I am appealing to you as the only person who can stop this madness to do so now before it�s too late.�

JONO FARMER, East Fremantle.