Questions abound

ALLOW me to make a comment on your article Budget boon for Tangney, May 20.

The statements by the Honourable Member for Tangney read like some election statements.

Of course, Labor was running a huge deficit to counteract that global debt scandal caused by our friends in the US.

Now the Abbott government has to fix it and road infrastructure is the order of the day.

The fuel excise, to begin with, will only cost 40c/day or $146pa, per what car and distance travelled?

An ‘investment in the future that will hugely benefit our economy and the people of Tangney’.

An overpriced, 5km ‘Freightlink’ connection will benefit which part of the economy?

It sounds like speculation all round.

Nobody will know what containerised freight will travel from Fremantle to Welshpool/Midland and beyond in 10 or 20 years.

Will we be able to pay for those imports?

We have never been told whether today’s container traffic to Fremantle is all full of valuable export goods of an elaborately manufactured nature and earns us valuable foreign exchange with which to pay for imports for many years to come.

But I do remember well, being told regularly by the Liberal side of politics, that ‘we live beyond our means’.

Unfortunately, I am thinking that all those trucks still run on diesel (particle pollution is rampant), about our shrinking manufacturing industries, the number of unemployed youth, diminishing natural resources, an exploding population and strangely so much homelessness.

But it’s all a boon, promised for Tangney.