Reinstate bypass

LACK of awareness of Labor’s history seems to be the reason why some local members have been lambasting the Government over its inaction with growing traffic congestion.

They have forgotten their party dismantled the visionary Stephenson Plan of a road system by deleting the Fremantle bypass, a vital link in a proposed freeway system.

To secure the seat of Fremantle for then Minister McGinty by appeasing a vocal local minority, the Labor government deleted the bypass from the plan.

It then proceeded to sell the designated road reserve land in expectation it would be too expensive in future to buy it back.

The predicted traffic problems, community inconvenience and the health and financial cost to the community are already evident.

The taxpayer is now being asked to fork out millions for an ill-conceived patch-up job by redirecting heavy haulage trucks and containers along High Street.

While Labor has the rail projects to its credit, it needs to be careful when criticising others for the road system problems it helped to create.

Rather than the Libs pour money into creating cosmetic monuments to themselves, they should bite the bullet and get on with the job of reinstating the bypass.

The longer it is left the more expensive it will become. It would be at least one legacy of great benefit to the community in which the Barnett government could be proud.