Opinion. Roe 8 and PFL rejection clear

THANK you for the reporting in the Melville Times on the Roe 8 and Perth Freight Link issue that arouse much concern in the community.

In your article in the September 1 edition, headlined “Mayors heading in different directions”, it is interesting to note that Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey seems to be taking entirely no notice of the overwhelming vote at a recent public meeting where council was requested to reconsider its support for Roe 8 and the PFL.

Extreme concern was expressed about the advertising in which council is indulging in support of these plans in the face of general community rejection.

Similarly, the Premier appears to be entirely out of touch with the community, ratepayers and voters who are alarmed at the proposals and do not think that these are at all a sensible way forward and sustainable solution to real problems.

Mayor Aubrey is quoted as saying “I’ll be working closely with the electors of the City of Melville to ensure we aren’t cheated, bullied or politically blackmailed out of a safer, free-flowing road network”.

It appears to me that the electors have clearly and by a wide margin shown their rejection of these plans

What has this democracy come to?