Reports shock

There were also reports of parents many times assaulting, abusing and threatening teachers and principals.

Where do these parents come from who think they can behave like that just because they don’t like hearing the truth about their child?

These out-of-control children have parents who have not taught them anything about respect, manners, proper behaviour and respecting their elders.

In addition, I fear the children learn their behaviour from the examples shown by their parents.

Such parents and their children should be suspended from school until they all learn how to behave in class or in front of teachers and principals. They should apologise to the school staff and other parents and children in the school for their behaviour.

Finally, I believe we can’t blame all the parents and children in low or disadvantaged social groups for such conduct because well-educated and wealthy parents and their children are also causing trouble at schools

It just shows how our society is in such an uncontrolled way.