Roe 8 benefits

IN answer to Jo Rich�s letter in a recent Melville Times headlined �Answer essential�, the black cockatoos left when the trees on Somerville Pine Plantation, which produced the pine nuts that they ate, were cut down years ago.

Congestion on Leach Highway and High Street between the Freeway and Stirling Highway will obviously be reduced by the building of Roe 8.

Eventually, two ports will be needed in WA, so Fremantle will always be retained.

There may be a way of avoiding the upgrading of Stirling Bridge by continuing the tunnel under the river.

Even if it were possible to fit in a railway from Kewdale to the port, and we could afford it, the need to unload trucks from the eastern states and load them on to railway wagons, and then unload them again at the port would greatly increase the cost of transportation of goods.

This cost would have to be recouped by charging a higher price for them.

Also if the road was built, all traffic, including light commercial vehicles and private cars could use of it, saving more time, and reducing pollution and congestion on Leach Highway, and offering a quick and easy access to Fiona Stanley and St John of God Murdoch hospitals.