Roe 8 is not a solution

FIRSTLY, I am not ‘trying to protect my patch’ as Daryl Binning claims in his letter in last week’s edition headlined ‘Scrap project’.

The proposed Roe extension is some distance from my ‘front door’. But the old logic that ‘build more roads’ to alleviate congestion is primitive, old-style thinking.

Again, I suggest that people go and sit at the corner of Stock Road and Leach Highway in the mornings and afternoons and see the traffic jams the large convoy of trucks cause at that intersection.

It’s a pathway the Roe Highway proposed project will be sending these trucks through even more regularly if built.

Daryl Binning, deviation of traffic is not a solution to congestion.

Nor did building a duplicate Narrows bridge solve the standstill in the mornings on the freeway to this day, nor will the 4.2km widening of the Kwinana Freeway southbound remove the traffic standstill day or night.

To ease congestion you must remove volume, not encourage more use of road by attracting even more vehicles in the area.

Finally , please don’t assume you know my objection to Roe 8.

I object to it because it is a waste of our money that will do nothing to solve a forever-growing problem of traffic congestion in this State by a Government that has lost its way on nearly every broken promise and it’s outdated way of thinking.