Roe the solution to pollution

More than 10,000 school children at schools along Leach Highway, including Melville Senior High School, are being exposed to high concentrations of carcinogens in diesel exhaust fumes.

Because of a number of traffic lights, stop-start traffic uses more fuel and generates more greenhouse gases as distinct from free-flowing traffic.

Roe Highway has been designed to take care of the above problems. There are no schools nearby, the residential houses are far away and the concrete walls push the carcinogens higher, away from the people while diluting the carcinogen concentration.

Therefore Roe Highway is an elegant and effective solution to protecting the health of the people, and protecting the environment, and the present Government deserves 10 out of 10 for its efforts to complete Roe Highway 8.

While the previous Labor governments had shown a complete disregard for people’s health by blocking Roe 8, the stance of the Greens is quite surprising.

On one hand they pretend to support a cleaner environment, on the other hand they would like to preserve polluting stop-start traffic on Leach Highway instead of less polluting free-flowing traffic on Roe Highway.