Scrap project

IF you scratch the surface of the irrational and emotive arguments advanced by Mario Nardi in a recent edition in an attempt to discredit my logical analysis of the Fremantle road and rail traffic problem, you will find it is a case of him trying to protect his own patch in Bibra Lake from the proposed Roe Freeway in the area.

This is understandable, as none of us would like a main road passing our front door.

However, when we reflect on the time when the Narrows Bridge and a freeway were proposed and later the rail line, to be built along the foreshore, similar strong abjections by affected residents occurred. Can you imagine what it would be like now if this infrastructure had not happened?

We were fortunate to have had a strong government at the time that did not capitulate to emotional blackmail.

To reinforce my original argument, it is now evident the old traffic bridge will need to be replaced and the Gibson Park netball courts will lose most of their parking to make way for the disastrous Perth Freight Link.

This ill-advised project will only postpone the inevitable. The original Fremantle Bypass must be reinstated immediately with the addition of a new rail line and bridge.

It is time for the Government to look past the subversive protests of self interested parties such as Mr. Nardi and his ilk by scrap the present wasteful project and take action that will benefit the entire community. Then it would leave a worthy legacy of its term in office.