So much at risk

We saw wildflowers, several tuarts and a grasstree that was perhaps 400 years old.

At the junction of Hope Road and Progress Drive a slight elevation afforded us a good view of the great blue expanse of Bibra Lake, which was encircled by many paperbarks.

The area was teeming with birdlife and as we continued walking a small group of Carnaby’s cockatoos flew by ” their cries seemed like a salutation.

After we concluded our walk, we sat underneath the shade of a tree near Bibra Drive and wondered at the level of lunacy behind a proposal that would excise almost 100 hectares of this precious environment and replace it with a pointless and expensive road.

For as well as the obvious loss of amenity, such an action would increase summer temperatures experienced by residents of adjacent suburbs such as Bibra Lake, North Lake and Coolbellup.