Space precious

Space precious

WHY is the Strickland Oval Action Group the only one fighting against the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club cluttering their precious public open space?

What happened to residents fighting to keep the bowling club public open space?

The bowling club is tipped to be sold to developers. That means this open space will be gone forever; no more green space with public access – only a tiny park.

Keeping the bowling club where it is means that a public facility is available for everyone to use. Various clubs, organisations and the public now use the club.

Businesses also use it as a meeting and seminar venue.

If the council needs money to upgrade the facilities at Shirley Strickland Reserve, why not charge a one-off levy for its development. I would be prepared to pay for that.

However, with increasing residential density and high-rise, we are going to need all our green public open space. Consequently, do not let the council sell off Mt Pleasant Bowling Club.

KATY MAIR , former mayor,

City of Melville.