Sports fine

FURTHER to the article about licences for wind surfers, paddle boarders and kite surfers on the Swan River, I support all these activities on the river.

I have lived in Melville Beach Road for more than 40 years and have seen these sports grow and they should be encouraged.

All these activities work in harmony, depending on the wind speed. Wind surfers keep to one end of the beach and the kites to the other end, while paddle boarders mostly stay close to shore.

All these sports are no danger to the environment and those participating do not leave any rubbish behind.

The parking is no problem, as most windsurfers who operate from the front of our house seem to know each other and move up to let in others.

I fully support windsurfers and kite surfers having instruction from a professional instructor because they should be taught not only how to sail but also etiquette.

I do not see any problem with teaching up to 10 learners in a class as not all tuition is in the water. A lot of instruction is performed on the beach, after which a couple of pupils at a time take to the water.

To restrict the number in a class could make it unviable.

There is plenty of beach to issue multiple licences and allocate the area on the beach from where each licence can operate. The authorities should encourage all these clean and safe activities.

I do not see the need for a long, drawn-out inquiry because it should be left to the local councils to issue licences.

Frank Granger, Applecross