Stick to the rules

WHILE Mayor Russell Aubrey is looking at changes to the R-code in Melville, he might also take a look at what else is happening in our suburbs, in this case Attadale.

At one time a new house had to have at least a metre of space around it, thus ensuring that the new house was not too close to its neighbour.

That way we had a green and pleasant suburb with space around each house.

Now, however, houses are built right up to the fence line, causing enormous distress to neighbours who are overshadowed and overlooked and who don’t appear to have any say in the matter.

In the process of jamming houses cheek by jowl the character of the neighbourhood is changed, and those people who bought into a lovely suburb soon find they are living in a soulless, concrete jungle, as per the old Majestic site and much of Applecross.

While people should be allowed to build their homes as they will, certain rules should apply and be strictly adhered to, and one of the most important is to keep the character of Attadale as open and attractive, not turn it into wall-to-wall brick and concrete.

Let the council give that a bit of thought.