I UNDERSTAND the concern for the people stranded by the change of route of bus route 98 and 99 along South Street, Murdoch.

In your article in the June 18 edition headlined ‘Concern at bus change’ you mention routes 503 and 504. But on Saturday and Sunday there is no service on route 503 and 504.

In addition, I mention the great inconvenience of route 98 and 99 frequently not continuing beyond Southlands Shopping Centre. This is especially so on Saturday and Sunday, and school finish times.

It is not fun being stranded when, if it continued to either Curtin University or Oats Street, it would provide a better service for residents in surrounding areas.

Aren’t we supposed to be cutting back on car use , and isn’t our ageing population entitled to a life outside their home?

DEE WRIGHT, Willetton.