Students not idle

Students are studying to contribute to society. We are the researchers and innovators who are working towards a brighter future.

We need to study to become the leaders, doctors and lawyers of tomorrow. Without us who would create the cures you pray for, or design the technology you dream of?

Students studying full time are not just at uni two to three days a week. For those who are, what do you think we do with the rest of our time?

In addition to online classes, many work as well as volunteer (hours of unpaid work, giving back to the community). You probably don’t see us up into the early hours just to get it all done.

Moreover, how about the proportion of students who are mums and dads who are working, raising a family and finding the time to study?

Think about all of this before you go on about university students.

On a last note, it’s never too late to study, I’m sure that government loan may come in handy.