Surf park will generate waves of noise

The new surf park: Less propoganda, less fear please.
The new surf park: Less propoganda, less fear please.

SO, the gentle click of lawn bowls on a Saturday afternoon is to be replaced by a giant wave and theme park with a licensed restaurant and roof top bar.

Can you imagine the noise, which travels across water, and what sort of machinery is needed to generate these types of waves and will it be throbbing day and night?

Traffic will be a huge problem on an already-busy part of Canning Highway, with cars wishing to travel to Fremantle having to cross the highway and likewise those coming from Perth having to do the same.

There is also an ever-present threat of bushfire on the western side, due to a huge grove of 80ft gum trees, which have caught fire twice in the past 10 years, and are now bigger than ever. How can the council possibly consider such a scheme in such a pristine and beautiful environment?

There must be plenty of places more suited to such a development.