System archaic

CHARLIE Gibson�s letter in the May 5 edition headlined �Harry reigns� needs a response on behalf of all dinky-die Australians.

The monarchists forget that about 40 per cent of people in Australia have no tie with so-called Mother England and its monarchy, nor its class system of lords and ladies.

Do we need an old woman living on the other side of the world as our head of state?

Moreover, she is a head of state who is there only because of an archaic hereditary system that does not belong in the 21st century.

Is it not time we Aussies woke up and became proud to be an independent nation with enough clever and capable people to be our head of state?

As an aside, what did Harry�s visit cost the Australian taxpayers and to what purpose?

Whose idea was it to invite him?

KARL KELERS, Alfred Cove.