Opinion: Think of health dangers of Perth Freight Link development

HERE we go again, the NIMBY effect.

We have a small group of non-thinking protesters who are demonstrating against the proposed Freight Link project because the trucks might bring a theoretical health risk.

There is no thought by those people for the increasing health risk for those residents near Leach Highway.

I sit for ages in my car (contributing to pollution?) at the traffic lights at the juncture of North Lake Road and Leach Highway as dozens after dozens of massive trucks go by along Leach Highway – or stop at the multitude of traffic lights along Leach Highway (significantly multiplying the pollution output as they laboriously re-start their motion).

I then think of the great reduction in overall traffic pollution to be achieved by a proposed more “straight-through” route involved in the project.

Maybe the professional Fremantle protesters could do well to relocate to areas along the Leach Highway, should they genuinely feel that they would have a serious health risk in remaining where they are.