Time Has Come to Leave the Monarchy

I REFER to Frank Granger’s letter Leave Well Alone, Melville Times, February 2.

It is time to be seen as Australians who are not tied to the English monarchy.

I was working in Canada in 1964/65 when Canadians decided to get rid of the Union Jack from their flag.

A competition was held and the maple leaf design was accepted by most.

The new flag lifted national pride hugely. It was a simple and painless experience.

We have the Queen’s representative, the Governor-General, who could take over the the role of the head of state at no extra cost and saving the cost of the numerous visits by the royal family.

It has been agreed by many that the last referendum was hijacked by then prime minister John Howard.

The wording was such that it was difficult to decide how the head of state was to be formed, so Australians decided to leave things as they were – the simplest answer.

Surely after more than 200 years, Australians should feel that they are part of an independent country.

We also owe it to our indigenous citizens and the 40 per cent or so of Aussies who have no roots in England, to go ahead with the republican movement.

Is our Prime Minister and all the premiers wrong in wanting a republic?

KARL KELERS, Alfred Cove.